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10,000 hours.
I was once told that it took 10,000 hours to master a skill.
I understood this as if did the skill for 2000 hours I will still suck, 5000 be ok, 7500 almost have it, and 10,000 I'd be good forever.
I highly misunderstood the premise.
If you do put enough correct REPS in to do a skill 10,000 hours you have a very good grasp of it BUT if you continue to fine tune it, teach it, you will perfect it. But it's still easily lost.
But wait why 10,000 hours? That's a baseline. Not an exact. It's dependant on your skills and abilities beforehand.
In the end no matter where you start you have to put the REPS in and continue to refresh yourself.
Train or Die

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