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What We Do

Train or Die has an inherent belief that what and how we train determines how we will preform on the fireground.  To fulfil that we specialize in hardening basic skills.  

We are also approved in Texas to teach SFFMA classes, HB2604 approved, and vendors for all FAST Rescue Solutions and Amkus Products.  

The following subjects can be merged together to create 4, 8, or 16 hour hands-on classes.

  • Ground ladders
  • Search
  • Truck operations without a truck
  • Firefighter rescue
  • Victim rescue
  • Forcible entry (we have a mobile forcible entry door)

As well as 4 hour classroom sessions on:

  • A-Z: Better Training for Better Firefighters
    • This class covers going from an idea to a fully functional class.  It covers the building blocks of education and how to get information to stick.
  • From Lazy to Leader: 12 Steps for a Better Crew
    • The 12 steps go over how to get the crew engaged and moving in a positive direction.

If there is something we do not feel confident enough that we can provide the best option available we'll guide you to a training company that can.  

That's right, if we can't do it we'll hook you up with someone else!  We want you to get the best training possible.