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Do ya'll travel?

This is where we will be.  Each class is tailored to the department's demographics.  Come see us or we can come to you...

October 15-16, 2022, Twin Tiers Conference Search, Moving Victims

Towanda, PA

September 10-11, 2022 WE CANNOT TELL YOU YET but it's gonna be big

      Fort Worth, TX

September 2-4, Fire Dynamics and Low Staffing Tactics

      Broken Bow, OK

August 24-26, 2022, Fire Rescue International, FAST Board

      San Antonio, TX

August 6, 2022, Brazoria County Firefighters, RIT Operations

      Sweeny, TX

July 15-17, 2022, Revolutionary Tactics on the Lake, Lazy to Leader

       Lake of the Ozarks, MO

June 10-11, 2022, Search, Moving Victims, Ladders, VES

        Abilene, TX

May 22, 2022, Legacy Fire Conference, Truck Operations

Seguin, TX

May 20, 2022, Metro Atlanta Firefighters Conference, FAST Board

Atlanta, GA

May 2, 2022, Piney Woods Fools, Lazy to Leader 

Longview, TX

April 29-May 1, 2022, Firefighter Survival and the FAST Board

Broken Bow, OK

April 8-9, 2022, Joey D Conference, RIT and the FAST Board

The Woodlands, TX

 April 6-7, 2022, Search, Moving Victims, VES

Converse, TX


February 25-27, 2022, Orlando Fire Conference, SCBA Confidence with Build Your Culture

Orlando, FL

February 8-10, 2022, CFT Fire School: Leadership and Tactics Conference, FAST Board

Pensacola, FL

 November 19-20, 2021, Small Town Big Tactics with Citizens First VES, Moving Victims

McQueeny, TX

November 5-7, 2021, First In Conference, FAST Board

Bryant, AR

October 11-14, 2021 Bearers of the Oath #3 Search, Can Confidence

Jefferson, GA

September 15-16, 2021, Vertical Ventilation

Converse, TX

August 27-29, 2021, Search, Moving Victims, VES

Broken Bow, OK

June 26-27, 2021, Honor the Fallen Conference Can and TIC Confidence

Oklahoma City OK

May 20-23, 2021, Prioritizing the Search Search, VES

Welston, OH

April 16-17, 2021, Iron Brotherhood FOOLS Search, moving victims, VES

Conroe, TX

March 12-14 2021 Bearers of the Oath The FAST Board

Jefferson, GA