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Who We Are

Behold the greatest array of fast talking, hard working knuckleheads you'd want to be friends with. 

Don't let the scowls fool you, we're most likely found smiling, laughing, and talking trash. 

We all have the same things in common; ingesting impossible amounts of caffeine, make training educational, and giving safety officers nightmares. 


D. Craig has spent 23 years in the fire service with 20 in a paid department.

Someone had the audacity at his career department to promote him 16 years ago.

From 2014-2021 he also worked at the largest fire academy on the continent.

In 2023 he became the fulltime Training Captain for an outstanding department.

His favorite pastimes are proving people wrong, doing workouts that sound stupid (and are), and having department policies written about his shenanigans.  

Craig won the life lottery with a wonderful wife that is smarter and hotter than him, plus tolerates his bullshit. Thanks to her he has two kickass kids that will be voted the friendliest, while also most likely to tell you to "get bent." 

He loves training, wants to burn every fire station recliner, and talk about anything fire service related.  

Currently he holds a bachelors degree in sarcasm with a masters in mean mugging.  

He is a proud member of the Georgia black hoody cult and believes in full send, no half sends.

He's had a few rants on the podcasts below.

The Weekly Scrap

3 Point Firefighter

Rogue Tailboard

Fire Engineering's Hooks and Hoses

Make Due Podcast




M. Wallace is a 22 year student of the craft. He started in the fire service in 2001 as a volunteer in Delaware.

He takes pride in knowing that he will be the only person you will ever meet from Delaware.

In 2003, after watching Forrest Gump he enlisted in the U.S Army serving as a military firefighter from 2003-2008.

In 2008 he started as a civilian firefighter at his current department where he holds the rank of Captain.

From 2013-2020 he worked at the largest fire training center in North America as the Training Coordinator for the Recruit Academy.

The proud recipient of a few ProBoard and IFSAC certifications, and is currently on a 10 year Bachelor’s Degree Program.

A National Guard father and husband proudly serving his wife and 2 kids; 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year when he is not on shift.

He started this Train or Die adventure with D. Craig because he believes there is a “task-saturated-under-trained” plague infesting the fire service.

If you ever get the chance to talk with him you will quickly realize that his conversations do not go down rabbit holes……..they are more like 18 wheelers lost on a back road.

He doesn’t believe in much of anything especially “That Will Never Happen Here.”

Success or Failure is only dependent on investment.


James Stewart is usually busy being deployed to the latest catastrophe on a USAR Task Force.  A ladder lover, Marine, and cuddly teddy bear he's the guy you want for everything you need.  Stewie works in a dark hole next to the largest University in Texas.  He thinks running is dumb, work is the answer, and time on the ambulance should be counted for time served in prison.



Mikkie Jordan has been on the job since who knows when.  He is more likely to walk your grandmother across the street than cuss at you.  Quiet as a ninja, nice as a flower he is assigned as the Ladder 2 Captain at the Downtown Firefighting Club at a city that identifies as a storm drain.  He likes busy fire apparatus, camping with his wife, and cuddling with his tiny dogs.  He believes that in order to do your job, you must know your job.  Learn your job. 


Murray Ulm is our resident super 'stache and hose dragger.  A magician at making motors fit in vehicles they shouldn't, lifelong member of the busted knuckle club, and master of outworking the posers Murray enjoys time at home with his wife and two kids while explaining the circle of life with cattle. 



Chris Dufresne has 23 years in the fire service total, 17 with DC, that's Washington DC.  He's a Yankee like Wallace but instead of yelling he "calmly insults."  He spent his time as a fireman assigned to 13 Truck in DC's 1st Battalion,  eventually being promoted to Technician.  Promoted to Sergeant in 2018 and reassigned to the 3rd Battalion, where he floated as a Company Officer.  Chris is currently assigned to the In-Service Training Office at the DCFD Training Division.  As an ISTO officer his responsibilities include instructor management and development, training innovation, design, and delivery to the departments operations division, and department research and development....thus he fits right in with us.