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A conversation I had with a firefighter recently.....
How much weight do you want to
Cool. When do you workout?
"6 days a week."
Nice. You follow a program?
"Yeah, and have a pretty good routine."
Great. How long to do that?
"Months, nearly a year. It's hard work."
Are you a better lifter because of that?
"Of course."
The same applies to being a fireman. If you want to be thought of as a "good fireman" a "go to guy" you have to put in the work. 10 days a month ain't gonna do it. If you break those days down how much time are you actually working to get better? 2-4 hours MAX a day....maybe.
If you want to deadlift 135 and are happy with's easy.
If you want to be "that guy" at the station....there's a recliner over there.
BUT expect to be treated as such.
I'm not saying you gotta be all in all the time. Nobody works out 24 hours a day. Instead devote 15 minutes, an hour maybe, to read something, listen to something, do something that makes you better.
Because at o dark thirty the house is burning and Mom is screaming.
Can you move the weight?
Train or Die.

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