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Smokediver is full of metaphors. Things that represent the bigger picture. Some you understand immediately, others take some time.
In your time there it is ingrained into you that you are not special, you are not better than others, and to act as a servant leader.
Do what others can't, help those others won't.
Every first day of Smokediver you do PT. Nothing special, you'll do hard work the entire duration of the program.
But there's a lesson here. The first day you do PT in front of EVERY Smokediver in attendance. That's 75+ guys who have been where you are, completed the entire process, only to come back on their own dime.
At Oklahoma Smokediver Class #001 there were over a HUNDRED SMOKEDIVERS.
They're not there to cheer you on, motivate, or coach you. They're to help you understand this process and bust their ass teaching you.
There are people that do the work and people who say they do the work. And everyone knows who's who.
If you achieve the goal, understand people will watch you for the rest of your life. They'll want to see what that rocker, that number, really means.
Understand while you are one of many you represent us all.
This lesson translates to officers, instructors, and senior men.
The probationary guys, the new guys on shift, and the recruits are watching you.
Will you meet the standard that they have for you?
Train or Die.

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