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You learn as you move through live certain lessons.
Recently several mentors of mine reminded me of some of those hard lessons.
The best things in life are the hardest to attain.
There is no substitute for doing the work.
Cheat the work and you'll cheat the goal.
You can do 20 years or 1 year 20 times.
Take a moment today on this little holiday to be calm.
Allow the little man in your head to sit on the front step and look out across your life.
What path are you on?
Is that where you want to go? When you get there can you accept the decisions you made?
Those things you need to stop doing, stop.
Those things you need to start doing, start.
The path you want to be on is waiting....but not for long.
Good luck.
And Godspeed.
Train or Die.

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