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Nobody becomes who they are overnight. You become who you are because of what you choose right now.
Set some big goals.
And set some small ones.
Hustle for those goals.
We didn't think starting a business would be easy.
We had a bigger problem.
We're hustle people.
We're the guys that jump up and down on burn days.
The dudes that smile when PT starts.
Family. Hustle.
Work. Hustle.
Training. Hustle.
We found ourselves standing still. It didn't fit us. Quite frankly we couldn't handle it.
Jets are meant to fly.
Sprinters to run.
Educators to teach.
We're going at this thing full send. That's how we work.
Some people are creating a road and working through the night. Others are sitting in a parking lot, taking a nap.
You'll find us somewhere....hustling.
Big news coming.
Train or Die.

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