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Be You

It is easier for you to be you than for you to be me.
There is a struggle in life. Mine is not known by you nor yours by me.
You see you walk a path that you don't the ending, the direction, and outcome.
It is not the ending, direction, or outcome you control. You only control the path itself.
You see at every moment, every second, every single breath you are either maintaining that path....or destroying it.
The positive and negative balance you maintain determines how rough that path is.
You can control the scenery, the light, and the dark.
Where will you go?
What greatness will you accomplish?
Who will you effect along the way?
A lot of this is controlled by your perception, reactions, and actions.
Breathe. Organize. Act.
Breathe. Allow your body time to adjust.
Organize your reaction. Your may have been here before.
Act accordingly, responsibily, and professionally.
Are you the instructor/officer they can bring bad news to?
If not....will they?
What else won't they tell you?
Work hard.
Set the example.
Don't be a dick.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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