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We don't want to do our best.
Best is a dead end.
A stopping point.
The end of the road.
We want to do better.
Better than today.
A new way.
Not our way, their way, or the best way.
Somewhere out there is a new idea.
Or an old way no one has seen in awhile.
And that way is "better."
If we are open to new things, new ideas, and new techniques then we can be "better."
Best means we have stopped.
We're not climbing a podium, we're taking the stairs.
There is no top, no finish line, and no ending.
When people talk, we listen.
Actively, honestly, and with eyes wide open.
Come to our classes and you'll hear us.
"What do you have there?"
"You did something different, why?"
"That was slick, where did you learn it?"
We're going to keep getting better, some way, somehow.
We need you! To talk to, to learn from, and trade ideas.
This year we've already been to Orlando, Pensacola, Atlanta, and
all over the Lone Star State.
Before the end of the year we'll be in Oklahoma, Ohio, and Arkansas...and around our great state.
Find us! Or we'll come to you. Next year is getting full quick.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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