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Blood Pressure

"VES is super dangerous and should be used as a last resort."
"Vertical ventilation kills firemen."
"If more than 50% of the building is involved then no one is alive inside."
Mad yet? I'll give you one more.
"There is no reason to search if there are no vehicles outside."
If you're blood pressure is starting to rise good.
You're not alone.
Mine was through the roof typing that crap.
Take a moment to reset yourself and understand that those lies are being dug out from whatever rock they came from and proven wrong. The facts, figures, and data have done that.
The fire service is here to save lives and protect property.
That has not changed. That is your job. Everything you do is centered around that...or it should be.
We're taking this back. It's easy to be a slug. Recliner sitting takes minimal effort. Talking trash takes even less.
Do not let our aggressive nature blind you into thinking we are unintelligent, reckless, or irrational.
We know our job.
We never stop learning.
We'll see you at the work.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die.

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