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Card Carrying

"I like doing hoodrat stuff with my friends."
Cool, us too.
We're card carrying.
The Godfather sent me the stickers.
But what does that mean?
It means work.
It means learning.
It means educating.
We want to show you the magic.
We want to show you the cool stuff.
We want to be who you learned the trick from.
But the problem is...the magic, the cool stuff, the tricks...well they are really the basics.
Search is search.
Use logic....and it's not difficult.
How do you feel things?
With your hands.
How do you communicate when others can't hear?
Say only the important stuff.
How does your body move?
Body mechanics.
Want it harder?
Put gear on.
Breathe air.
Do it the dark.
It ain't magic.
Its going to the hottest, smokiest, worst place imaginable and yanking someone out.
Then explaining to the next guy how you did it.
And helping them learn it.
Hoodrat stuff.
-Train or Die

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