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As you get older there become moments that will challenge you.
IF you want to be better.
IF you want to perform at the high level.
IF you want to do what others can't.
You have to take risk.
And risk means failure.
Failure means growth.
Fail? Cool. Get up and try again.
Keep moving forward.
But look out.
They will be there.
Tracking your failures.
Yep, trying to get better.
What did they do?
You see people who avoid failure, avoid success.
And when the day comes.
The glorius day.
When you finally achieve the impossible.
Find your greatest hater.
Walk straight up to them.
And shake their hand.
"Thanks for the encouragement."
And when they asked why you did that thing....
Why you worked so hard...
And dared so greatly.
Just say...
"Because you won't."
Mutts will bark.
Haters will hate.
But they will still be behind you.
But don't worry, we're not going that way.
-Train or Die

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