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Comfort is the enemy of growth.

"Comfort is the enemy of growth"
-Aaron Fields

You've heard that before.
Many of you have applied that to your life.

How? If you've ever done more than one leg day, worn bunker gear during a workout, completed a consumption course again and again

But what if there's more to it?
Can we not apply this to our entire psyche?

If we believe it physically why don't we do it mentally?
Get a higher education, take a class in a subject we're timid of, or challenge the ones that need to be.

The first two are easy but that last one......that's an bit if a monster.

In my travels I've seen some excellent instructors and officers. Top notch, varsity, intellectuals.

At the same time I've seen poor leadership and instruction. Rules and fake knowledge passed on by fear and intimidation.

You know these people. They're usually yelling for no reason. (No reason is key, there is a time of place for Full Metal Jacket to come out)

"That guy was a great instructor, thankfully he screamed at me and treated me like àn idiot the entire time." Said no one ever.

What about the officer that only trains on the same old stuff?

My favorite, consistent table talks without a physical evolution.

Doing > talking

How about your tools and equipment? When was the last time you tried something new? Different? Are your apparatus the exact same for the last two decades? Why?

Will you get out of your comfort zone? Will you stand up for the firemen and the students?

It's not comfortable, it's not fun.

Life is hard. If it's not, maybe you're too comfortable.

Learn. Get better. Progress. If we didn't we'd still be using buckets and shoveling horse shit.

Always forward, always moving.

-Train or Die

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