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"___ shift doesn't do anything"
"Have you read the latest nonsense email?"
"This place sucks."

Your negatively inspires me....

Said no one ever.

Work sucks?
Management doesn't listen?
Do something.

Control what you can control.

You think they built the pyramids by complaining about how heavy the stones were?

Negatively is contagious but so are positive waves.

I'm not saying you have to be happy go lucky but duuuude...let's find a way to be better.

Work is a mindset.
Positivity is a path.
Just smile, it's not that bad.

And if you think it's that horrible, check out that little kid on the sidewalk watching the Truck go by...

Lights flashing...
Q rolling...
Full of smiling dudes.

Best job in the world...if you want it to be.

Always forward, always moving.

-Train or Die

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