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"Believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment."
Why is it after your probationary year you don't wash dishes, clean toilets, or study?
Maybe you do.
For a minute.
But then you promote.
Now you're back at it.
You don't put your gear on.
You don't wash the rig.
You take naps.
Guarantee they are watching.
They will take care of you.
They will do anything for you.
They will make you look great.
IF you work.
Remember you work for them.
If you're entitled, think you're special, think you deserve special treatment because you're an officer or off probation you better wake up.
You're not special.
You don't have a free pass.
You are not some gift to the fire service.
Get to work.
Earn some respect.
Be the leader you should be.
Or be "that dude" in the recliner calling the new generation "entitled."
You do you.
No worries.
You don't have to tell them.
They see it.
-Train or Die

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