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First Time

If its your first time doing it then you don't know how.
Read that again...
You don't have the experience.
The feeling in your gut.
Nervousness about the unknown.
Think about all the things on the fireground and in the station you've never done.
What order are you nervous to get at 0300?
Forcible entry?
Vertical ventilation?
Theres something in your bones that hears that order and says...
You have to be ready for it.
Learn everything you can about.
And put in the reps.
The same applies for the office.
When the fireman walks in the door what are you not prepared for?
Family stuff.
Mental issues.
Financial problems.
Are you ready for those?
What leadership books are you reading?
Do you know the latest legal issues with the fire service?
Don't worry if you haven't.
Watching golf with your feet on the desk will help you when the moment comes.
"Hey Chief, I've been having some dark thoughts."
Think about who you want on the other end of that mic or on the other side of that table...and if they're prepared for it.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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