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From the dudes that run on caffeine and are motivated by doing shit because it's hard there is something that has always worked for us.
Just go forward.
Don't want to run.
Put your shoes on.
Don't want to lift.
Put weight on the bar.
Don't want to put your gear on.
Put your bunker pants on.
Don't want to be at work.
Put your stuff on the rig.
This has and continues to be one of the few things that actually works for us. We''d love to tell you that doing our job or being better motivates us but honestly it's just forward that works.
This has saved our ass more times than we can count. From Dalton before PT to daily at the Big Red Training Machine.
Good luck.
When shit sucks.
Forward. Always.
When you want to stop.
Move. Always.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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