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We're the ones who would rather sit on the bumper than the recliner.
Work a crappy side job just to hang out with our friends.
Spend time with the new guy in the apparatus bay.
Pick up trash because it's on the ground (a great mentor taught us that).
Go to more classes that don't give out certificates than the ones that do.
Own more stuff with our friends company name on it than ours.
Smile at the haters and try to teach them.
Do things only because we're told we won't be able to.
Would rather hug our kids than get an attaboy.
Try new stuff because we've done old stuff.
Teach classes and barely make a dime.
Learn from our students.
Want everyone to know everything we do.
Feel bad when the crew has had a long day.
Like long drives to decompress.
Close our eyes to hear the world.
Wish our shoulders were bigger to carry bigger burdens.
Sit quietly and listen to other opinions.
Try to change rules we wrote 10 years again and have evolved.
Work out so we can do more.
Hope to be the ready when our number is called and are...
We believe.
We believe in ourselves, but more importantly we believe in the Fire Service.
We are Train or Die.

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