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Humility- the modest or low view of ones own importance
This is an extremely valuable commodity in an officer and leader.
The ability to have humility allows you to make a very important statement.
"I don't know."
And not the "I don't know everything BUT...." statement.
The legit, honest "I don't know." Followed up by a "let's find out" and some fact finding.
"That's a good question, I don't know either but let's find out."
The opposite turns into "I don't know every BUT blah blah blah bullshit."
Ever seen an officer make shit up on the fly?
Baffling them with bullshit.
Struggling to find something legit to stick it to.
And what to the uniformed do? They believe that crap.
I challenge you this...
Understand not only the why, but the how.
Why does that technique/tool/method work and how do you know that?
Who taught the teacher?
The internet?
A class?
Thoughts to ponder...
See you at the work.

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