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It's Not Okay

It's not okay to be an asshole officer.
It's not okay to be mad all the time.
It's not okay to not be a morning person and be grumpy.
The officer sets the tone. If you come in shitty, the crew is going to react to that.
Did you have a bad morning?
Wife piss you off?
Don't feel like getting after it today?
Smile, nod, and walk your grown ass to the bathroom. Look yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself, "am I acting like the guy I want to be?"
When you've calmed down and reset go get a cup of coffee and sit on the bumper.
The sun is rising.
The guys are laughing.
You have the best job in the world.
Go teach the overtime guy something.
Wash a dish with the rookie.
Laugh at the new kids mustache.
You don't have to be their friend but don't be the guy they hate. Have high standards.
Show them how to achieve them.
Enjoy your chosen profession.
Our days aren't guaranteed.
You have to make the most of the ones you have.
Or you can be a dick.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die.

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