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Keep Climbing

What do you hear?
Do you hear the haters?
The know-it-alls?
The lazy man in your head?
Do you hear them?
I'm sure you do. They're everywhere.
"Why's he always going to classes?"
"I've been here for 10 years, he needs shut up to learn his spot"
"Just sit in the recliner and watch tv, gotta be rested for the big one"
You hear them.
But are you listening?
A lot of times what you don't hear is those you should be listening to.
"How did he manage to get to all those classes?"
"That new trick he taught me was pretty slick."
"We need to get him over to our station."
Surround yourself with those worth listening to.
Those that want the best for you.
The ones that tell you the truth.
You are not always right.
Understand that and you'll learn alot more.
Be better today than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow.
Keep climbing.
See you at the work.
-Train or Die

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