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We need more leaders and less officers.

We need a promotional process that puts the best people forward.
We need risk takers, wildcards, and cowboys.
We need people that PUSH.

We need these people.
We need them to lead.
We need them to encourage, mentor, and guide the others.

What don't you know?
What have you done to fix that?
Why haven't you?

We don't need people to put on a new color helmet, change their badge from silver to gold, and then STOP.

Congratulations, you promoted. Now you know less.

The world changes every single day.
Do you?

Go learn something.
Do things outside your comfort zone.

You want a good crew?
Do hard things TOGETHER.

If your training, tactics, and ideas only come from your own department are you moving forward?

Why not?

Always forward, always moving.

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