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If you knew you'd never reach the end what would you do?
Would you stop?
Would you slow down?
Or would you continue?
The fire service will never be perfect.
And neither will you.
At no time will you be perfect at it.
At no time will you know it all.
And at no time will you operate without mistakes.
If you understand there is no finish line then you should also understand there is no point in....stopping.
There will always be more to learn.
Another technique.
Another class.
Another tool.
Someone somewhere has a way to make you better.
Will you seek that out?
It's not coming to you.
Will you find it?
Since the fire academy what have you changed?
Your vehicle?
Your lifestyle?
Even something as small as a phone. Definitely that has changed.
Has your training? Have you improved it?
Or are you still using a flip phone?
Do you hear me now?
-Train or Die

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