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Magic Tricks

Get ready because I'm about to show you something cool....

*Whips out webbing*

BOOM, LOOK AT THAT. Wasn't it cool!?!

You got it right? That technique I just used? I showed you once and now you got it for life. No worries to train, attempt, or see it again.

If that's what happens then all I showed you was a magic trick. You don't really understand it, don't remember exactly how to do it, and can't repeat it back.

But when the chips are down you'll do it.....right?

No way. Seriously that's not gonna work.

If someone shows you something and you think it works for you then you'll have practice it.

Do it the bay.
Do it with gloves on.
Do it in full gear.
Do it breathing air.
Do it in the dark.

Then.....THEN... it'll grow from a magic trick to a technique.

A technique you can repeat when you need it.

That's how we teach...

And then we you do what we taught and people ask what just happened tell them it was PFM.


Train hard.

Watch close. Today is gonna be a big day.

Train or Die.

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  • Hey guys.

    Love your stuff. Any chance y’all do stickers. I didn’t see any in the shop. Would love one for the helmet.

    Thanks. Keep charging hard fellas.

    Max Peterson

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