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Two milestones have been reached in the past few weeks that we need to thank you for.
Our Facebook page reached 10,000 followers. We never would have imagined that many people would follow our random thoughts on training and leadership.
The Facebook Group we started, "The Train or Die Discussion" reached 20,000 members. It began as a way for a few guys to trade ideas and get notified of classes. It contunues to do that, just on a much bigger scale. Something it also does is provide an open space for ideas and videos without worry of belittling responses. We eat our own in the fire service and we aim to curb some of that.
Our goal has always been to pass on the good stuff, try some new stuff, and help the fire service to keep improving.
Thank you for allowing that to happen and pushing it forward.
We are relentless and have more things coming...
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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