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You will suffer.
You will feel pain.
You will grow tired.
And you will know sadness.
These are facts of life.
The road you choose is yours.
Those things will happen.
There is more.
Joy, laughter, and life.
Take a breath.
Look into the light.
Listen, feel, and enjoy the present.
We all work too hard.
Push too much.
And struggle to be better.
But there are times to not...
I get my kids off the bus, hold their hands, and walk to the park...and play. My wife meets us there from work and it's life.
It's not bills.
It's not stress.
It's not even adulting.
It's shaking the bridge while they run back and forth as I try to catch them.
It's pushing them on the swings.
It's feeding the turtles.
You will suffer, but if you take the moment you will see the world you've worked so hard for...
Smile, laugh, and live.
We only go around once.
-Train or Die

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