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Remember when you were new?
You walked into the station and found all the characters.
The good dude, that didn't do much.
The Jerk, the everyone tolerated.
The Joker, that was nonstop.
The Veteran, well respected.
Somewhere in there was the future.
The future of you.
Which one of those people did you want to be at that moment?
What have you done to become that person?
Did you pick the right one?
If you want to learn more, go to classes.
If you want to know more, ask questions.
If you want to be respected, give respect.
Pick the hard jobs.
Practice the tough stuff.
Do the work no one else wants to.
Become that one everyone respects.
The one that people listen to.
The person who befriends the nervous rookie.
Be the future the people deserve.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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