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If you're an adult you met one.

The little dog.
That little one that won't shut up.
Yap yap yap.

There's no real teeth to it.
Not gonna pull a dog sled or guide the blind.
It's just there...yapping.

We have those too.
Typically in a recliner while you're working out.

"If you work out on duty you won't be ready for a fire"
"You're going to wear out your gear."
"It's too hot outside"


So what do you do with that yapping dog?
Kick it?
What does that do?
You look like an asshole and it's still gonna yap.

Look I get it.
All that yapping is frustrating.
But you have only two options.

Ignore it.
Or try to be friends with it.

"Hey man, I'm practicing masking up, will you time me?"

People still love little dogs.
They're harmless.

Until you need a big dog.

-Train or Die

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