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Not that good.

We're not that good.

That's part of our mindset.

We are confident, knowledgeable, and hard working .

But if we believe we're not that good then we know we can learn, grow, and be better.

You're not as good as you think you are.

If you allow yourself to realize you're not that good....then you can become better.

Strive to be the hardest worker in the room.

And when you are, get a better room.

Finish a book?
Read a harder one.
Lift a personal record?
Add more weight.
Stretch a line in 30 seconds?
Do it in 29.

Or don't.

Hold still.
Be a potted plant.

Sure you can easily be a big fish...but in a small pond.

Go swim in the ocean where you have no limit.

Or be a potted plant.

As for us...

We're going to swim in the Pacific and grow with the redwoods.


-Train or Die

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