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If you know, you know.
But it is difficult to explain.
Its a class.
A challenge.
But it's more than that.
While everyone struggles, has moments of doubt, and dark is worth it.
The Instructors are some of the best in business.
They are senior firefighters, officers, and even Chiefs.
But they all have several things in common.
They have a number.
Their number.
And they all worked their ass off to get it.
They want the fire service to be better.
They want to improve.
And they want you to be better.
People quit, drop on performance, and worst of all...never even attempt it.
Why not?
Because you can fail.
Failure is hard, terrible even.
But its not the end, you can make one more attempt at victory, and if that fails try again.
Struggle breeds teamwork.
The hardest jobs completed together builds a brotherhood that is amazing.
If you've never been to Dalton, GA take a ride.
Its a magical place.
You can feel it in the pavement.
The hard work.
The determination.
The fights with that little man in your head.
Trying is hard.
Quitting is easy.
But the best things in life are worth it.
Class starts tomorrow.
When it gets really shitty, smile.
You worked hard to get there, enjoy it.
-Train or Die

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