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Our First Year

It's a simple word.
Hell it even rolls off your tongue.
But do you?
It's fairly difficult.
Are you hustling short or long term?
Sprinting or crushing the marathon?
How many things do you do everyday for the short term dopamine dumb?
We hustled this year.
We officially opened as a business.
Learned hard lessons in websites, paperwork, and order processing.
Ran training classes in Texas and Oklahoma.
Helped with classes in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida, and Georgia.
And attended training in Missouri and all over our home state of Texas.
And everywhere we went there were great people who are driving the fire service forward.
Thank you for buying our stuff, attending our classes, and reading our rants.
Thank you for becoming our friends.
We've got big plans for next year.
Don't worry, hustling is on the agenda.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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