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Some will call you an outlier.
Others a rogue.
Mutts use some really nice verbage.
But if you're pushing forward, working out, and continually learning you're going to hear that crap.
If you look at it from a management point of view its easy to see why.
"We ordered a brand new pumper thats the perfect spec from 15 years ago and you want to change it?"
"What do you mean a flat head axe isn't good enough? We've had them for decades!"
"The new generation sucks. They need to learn their place, do what they're told, and shut up."
The world changes everyday.
The iphone only came out 15 years ago and now its on version 13.
If we're not learning we're not improving.
If we're not improving then we're stagnant.
What are you, seaweed or a shark?
Be an outlier.
Be different.
But don't be cocky.
Just cause they're old doesn't mean they don't know anything.
Be patient.
Be humble.
Eventually these things pay off.
In the meantime put in the work.
Read, listen, and try new things.
Because one day the new way will become the better way.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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