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A bit of a rant tonight.
The number of people walking in on testing day doesn't matter as much as the number WALKING OUT on a regular day.
The fire service in the State of Texas is facing a major crisis. The dynamic growth has made fire departments expand exponentially.
Meanwhile less and less people are going to fire academies.
"tHe NeW gEnErAtIoN sUcKs"
Sure about that? This picture was taken at a Discount Tire. On the other side of those trucks are 5 more cars. These dudes were working their ass off not making much money. My truck was there for 30 minutes for a patch repair. A free patch repair.
Thus we have a supply and demand problem at the same time.
What does this mean for you?
Focus on the people you have. They are a vital.
How important?
Without people...
We don't stretch lines.
We don't search buildings.
We can't do anything.
You better pay attention to them.
If not....they will go somewhere that will.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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