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A great mentor of ours recently pointed it out.
Sometimes it's not the bad calls, after midnight runs, or station grind that's the problem.
Sometimes it's the environment. The memos, emails, and while it may be a buzzword....culture.
Many fire departments unknowingly tolerate the mutts. They don't do anything therefore they go unnoticed.
Written standards fail to measure these people and instead the pushers, doers, and hard workers get more work and more frustration.
If you're good at your job you get more tasks. You work harder to get those done only to get more.
The mutts, well they couldn't do the first thing right so why put them in charge of anything else.
Use logic.
Do what makes sense.
And give the allstars the room to be allstars.
Sometimes they don't need another task, they just need a break.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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