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0300, house on fire, Mom is screaming l to save her child....
Or bring back her husband of 30 years who just passed out unconscious...
Save her child that fell in the pool...
In those moments would you do everything possible to save that life?
Of course you would...
In the moment.
But what about the moments before?
How have you prepared for that?
Can you get your ass in that window to VES?
When was the last time you went to a class without your department sending you?
Worked out in bunker gear?
Hell, even worn your gear?
There's more podcasts, conferences, and free knowledge out there than you could imagine...if you seek it out.
Its the holiday season, are you taste testing every treat dropped off at the station?
"Holiday Mode Captain, we just wanna rest today."
You do whatever you want.
But at 0300 that mother isn't looking for the guy that can't get his gear on right...
Can't lift himself into a first floor window...
Stretches hose terribly because "I'm out of the academy, I don't need to practice."
Put your gear on, spray water, learn something.
Less talk, more do.
You keep faking it, we'll keep working.
THEY need you to.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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