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Did you know if you score high enough on a test, hang out in the fire station longer than others, or smoke an interview you are suddenly special?
You get fancy "gold" stuff for your uniform shirt, a new helmet, and get this...
A title.
You can hang out in the back during training, sling zingers about how much smarter you are, and how you know how to "really" do it.
Plus you can show up right at relief time, not answer questions, and when the time comes for accountability you can blame ANYONE you want who doesn't have a title.
Hell you can even blame a Chief if he's not there!
For real.
These people exist.
Non leaders in leadership roles.
You know one...
Or some.
You want to be a leader?
Go do work.
Do the hard things.
Be accountable.
You want to be special?
Go talk to your Mom.
When you sit in the front you are there to serve.
That's it.
Serve the community.
Serve the fire department.
Serve the crew.
Now it's your job to make sure your crew goes home, gets better, and pushes the standard.
NOTHING about moving up in Rank is about you.
It's about them.
How would your family feel if they officer responsible for you barely met the standard?
How would you?
Be better.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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