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Congratulations you promoted.
Understand a few things.
You don't know everything.
You are wrong.
Own it all.
Humility is a wonderful idea.
Listen more than you talk.
Keep your eyes and ears open.
Celebrate the wins, eat the losses.
Own it.
Rookie screw up?
You didn't teach well enough.
Senior guy mess up?
You didn't listen.
You mess up?
Talk to the crew.
Identify the priorities.
Make a plan.
You're now out of the gossip loop.
Stay that way.
And when you hear it, fix it.
Give ownership.
Provide guidance.
Learn and work together.
You are the buffer between your higher ups and the crew.
That doesn't mean that can't mess up or that's its not their fault.
But then you have an opportunity to grow together, learn together, and work together.
All of us are better than one of us.
Have fun.
Ask questions
And find a mentor.
And the best thing you can do?
Smile every damn day.
-Train or Die

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