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We need more firemen, but how?
It's a crazy time.
Fire departments are growing.
They pay extremely well.
But there few applicants.
Less people turning in for jobs.
Fewer want what we enjoy.
Traditional fire service cultures.
Young, open minded leaders.
The gift of helping people.
This job we love.
How do you get that guy on the street to understand?
Never in our history has there been a better time to be in our profession.
The downsides are little.
Gone for 24-48 hours at a time.
Tough, dirty work...sometimes.
But still the greatest job in the world.
Who else says that!?!
Look around this month and count how many firefighter costumes you see.
The magic of this profession needs to be cultivated, shared, and spread.
The next time you see a young, hardworking kid ask them...
"Did you know there is a magical place where you get to hang out with your buddies, do badass things, and get a legit paycheck?"
Find those kids. Mentor them.
-Train or Die

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