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I am responsible.
I am married, have kids, and promoted.
I chose those things.
I chose to carry that weight.
It's heavy, but it's mine.
But what does that responsibility mean?
It means I am in charge of their care and well being.
I have to make sure they are fed, clothed, and a place to sleep.
And one more thing. Their improvement. My kids have homework. I need to make sure they do it. I need to help them do it. I have to raise smart, hardworking, and loving children.
Isn't it expected to help my crew get better? I am responsible for their improvement. Does that mean I teach them everything? Not at all.
After 20 years there are things I still don't know. And I need to acknowledge that.
I need to make sure the crew is fueled.
I need to make sure they're ready.
I need to make sure they make it home after too many post midnight runs.
Believe me, they're badass. But we can always improve together.
It's my responsibility.
Always forward, always moving
-Train or Die

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