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Fast is key.
Well, efficient fast is key.
What does that mean?
You cannot be efficient trying to find people while pulling a handline through a structure. Nor can you be fast. Thus, it’s neither efficient nor fast.
Search needs to be conducted by a dedicated crew. A trained, efficient, and fast crew.
Efficiency doesn’t mean they do more, it means that do it correct.
Fast doesn’t mean they do it like Usain Bolt meets gorilla, it means they don’t have to do it again.
If you search a room then YOU search a room. If you says no one is in it then no one is in it. There is no “maybe”, “kinda”, or “I think so.”
But how do we get all this to happen?
Fast and efficient training.
It starts with a conversation. “This is how we are going to do it.” That leads to searching the bunk room, searching the bunk room wearing a mask, searching the bunk room with the lights off, going to the training building and doing it in gear, on air, with fire. PROGRESSIVELY.
You need the reps.
We’ll see you at the work.
-Train or Die

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