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Small Business

I had always read those “small business, work your ass off, don’t sleep” stories and thought…
“Yeah, I could see that.”
But as I sit on the floor and try to get things out the printer sticks a label to itself. Pretty impressive actually. It gave me pause to take in what’s in front of me.
A quantity of shirts that I hope we sell. They’re for a good cause. Do people like them?
Another color that people apparently like.
Did I buy too many?
Bags that seem to be working well.
Are they right for what we’re doing?
A patch product that I like.
But what color?
The website that we built.
We don’t build websites…
The new shirt I want to order. BLACK!
It's going to have to wait.
The printer that just ate a label.
This one had good reviews on amazon!
Just outside the door is a fancy box fan.
I hope the printer doesn’t wake the house as it’s past midnight.
And dinner.
Got off a 72 this morning and been catching up all day.
I decided to sit on the couch and take a mind break. I have found meditation to be incredibly good for me.
Then I noticed something on my desk.
The note my 4-year-old son left me. I remember him telling me about it on the way to school, he was so proud he sounded out the words. I smiled and got back to work.
We didn’t get in this to sell things.
We just like some stuff and other people wanted it.
I hope we don’t charge too much; we have to pay bills.
We based it on the stuff we buy.
I hope we have good customer service, but I know we’re not amazon (although we can talk about a prime rate!)
And truthfully, we just want to come train with you. Not at you, but with you.
Because training with you is for THEM, the people that have their life altering emergency. And that’s who we really want to help.
Train or Die.

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