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Steps are the work.
As high as you want to go.
Rather take the elevator?
It's out of order.
Escalators hurt the spirit.
Those big treadmill people movers?
Steal the soul.
Goals are not destinations.
They're landings.
Places for moments of reflection.
You can go as high as you want.
Or stop.
Sit there and talk about how good you are or what you've done.
But the ones that keep climbing, they can't hear you.
Relentless is a mindset.
Sweat is payment.
Hard work is the answer.
Want to be better?
Want to know more?
Want to bring out the best?
Stand up.
Take a step.
Then take another.
You have things to do.
We have places to go.
All the way up.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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