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Still here

We're still here.
We haven't posted much lately because we've been busy.
We've found as we get older we become so busy managing fulltime fire jobs and kids that life gets very busy.
But so is everyone else.
When you were a child friends were easy. You went to school with them, played sports together, and even went to birthday parties together.
As an adult friends are coworkers or people next door.
You'll notice at training and conferences something....smiles come out and work is done.
It's our time to see our friends, hang out, and relax.
Every one of us is busy.
Every one of us is tired.
But in 2022 pick up the phone, txt a buddy. Something as simple as "Hey man, miss ya" sometimes makes all the difference in the world.
No one is going to help us, we have to help each other.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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