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"He doesn't get it"
"If they don't understand then we should fire them."
That's how education works right? The teacher gives the lesson and the student takes a test.
They fail. Yep, bad student. Kick them out.
Geez, we'd all be high school drop outs.
Training is education.
You have to teach, mentor, and coach.
It doesn't matter how YOU learned it. It matters how the STUDENT learns it.
If they aren't getting it, you have to try a different way.
People are different.
Different backgrounds.
Different upbringings.
Different lives.
You are not going to be able to teach the same way to everyone.
Crawl, stand, walk, walk some more, stand a little, then run.
Talk, demonstrate, practice, practice, coach, then allow them to demonstrate.
This has to get better, together.
After years of running a fire academy and seeing over 1,000 students this is something that has become part of our mindset. We learned the hard way.
If you'd like to make your training better, hit us up. We teach a class called "A-Z, Better Fire Training for Better Firefighters."
-Train or Die

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