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Thank you.

As we near the 5000 mark on followers we have to lay out some truth.
That was not our intention.
We appreciate each and every one of you. Frankly it amazes us every time someone shares our ramblings.
We don't want to be famous.
Hell we don't really care to be well known.
All we want to do is train.
We enjoy hard work.
We love the struggle.
We just want to spread the information that was given to us.
There's a reason we try to not show our names or departments. We're proud of both of those things but to us, they aren't the point.
If we teach you a better way....the knowledge is the point.
We'll talk fire for hours with anyone.
We're fully committed.
We want to train with you.
We enjoy traveling.
We love getting out of our bubble.
We smile everytime we meet others like us.
Look us up.
Message us.
We'd love to spread the knowledge we've been graced with.
See you at the work.
-Train or Die

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