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The Good Instructors

Real talk.
Good, honest instructors who understand they don't everything but can translate what they do know are hard to come by.
We've met less than a dozen.
Plenty of people can tell others how to do something.
Some can even give some explanation.
But how it's explained doesn't matter as how it's understood.
People don't learn the same, you have to figure it.
The more instructors you can be around that can do that the better you'll be. These guys know how to translate valuable proven information into ways you can understand. Hell from those people.
This past weekend a Train or Die Instructor was teaching the class.
What were the other company instructors doing?
Grifting their ass off.
"You hear what he said? I didn't realize I didn't know that!!!"
Learn dammit.
Or be dumb and know everything.
-Train or Die

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