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You are not a magician.
You're not a wizard.
And you damn sure aren't a juggler.
Then what are you doing?
How many jobs do you have?
How many email addresses on your phone?
How many txt apps?
Look we get it.
There is not a single instructor that works with us who doesn't have multiple jobs, or kids, or....something.
We all have things.
That's life in 2022.
It's all too much.
But rather than try to juggle all those things why don't you set one down and deal with one.
You can't focus on everything at once so for the moment you focus on one thing.
When my father started in the fire department in 1996, he went to work, didn't have a cell one, didn't have email, and the fire station had 1 phone line. If it was busy....oh well. Can you imagine?
The other day I took my son to get a haircut. He sat down and I told the barber how my wife wanted it cut. Then I sat on a bench and pulled my phone out. "Perfect, 20 minutes to catch up." I answered one email. Then set my phone down next to me, took a deep breath, and watched my 5 year old get a hair cut.
Things can wait.
Always forward, always moving...even if it just meditation.

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