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A mentor of ours once said if you “want a successful training company you will see more of the road than the classroom.”
At the time I didn't realize how true this was going to be.
What does this mean?
This means getting out of your bubble.
Traveling to learn.
Traveling to pick up new things.
Traveling to have a better understanding.
We can teach our own guys on shift fast and effectively. We work with those dudes everyday. They know our language, are comfortable with questions, and we know their capabilities.
Go somewhere else and you have to develop a quick understanding and repore with those things.
Think how different your neighboring departments are. And they’re NEXT DOOR!
We want to spread the good news. We want us ALL to get better. The victim needs that.
Every fireman can teach you something.
We’ll be in 5 states this year and recently did a 12 hour round trip drive to teach for a day.
Love training, will travel.
Train or Die.

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