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Up Front

It's a lonely spot.
That right front seat.
You can see it all.
The driver.
That MDC with everyone's runs.
The world outside.
But it's what you can't see that's the tough stuff.
The monotonous paperwork.
Stress beyond measure.
Those times the office door shuts.
But remember, not a fire truck in the world has only one seat.
When life sucks,
Turn around.
Check out those knuckleheads in the back.
Laughing about some dumb shit.
Watching out the window as the world flys by...backwards.
Now that's the dream that got you here.
Enjoy the ride homie.
Remember some kid somewhere is waiting for you to blow that air horn.
A guy on his day off is waiting for that friction siren to wind up.
The world needs you.
They need you.
We need you.
Work hard, get better, learn something, and most of all take CARE of THEM so they can SAVE US.
-Train or Die

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